Every day of the year, every hour of the day, Authentic will answer your call.
Serving Las Vegas and Surrounding Communities.

Your garage door won’t close and won’t open. Worse yet, it’s stuck at about halfway. It’s an open door to everything stored in the garage and makes breaking into your home easy.

Your teenager’s best friend overshoots the driveway and gives the door a dent and knocks it off its track. Your car is in the garage and you had plans for the evening.

You hit the switch to go to work and your garage door doesn’t move. You check everything you can check – still nothing. It’s time to call your boss – and to call  Authentic Garage Door Service.

When you garage door doesn’t work, it is often a real emergency. Your life has just come to a screeching halt. You can’t leave when everything in your garage is unprotected. With an open garage door, your home is also at risk. Plus, you can’t leave if your cars can’t get out. And, like so many emergencies, it may well happen at the worst possible time. The children need to get to school; your wife needs to get to work and you have an important meeting. Or, it’s a Sunday morning or the Saturday of a long, holiday weekend. What do you do?

Don’t stress! Authentic Garage Door is ready to save the day – any day of the year, any time of the day. And, here comes the best part – there’s no additional charges for weekends, holidays or after-hours.

Call us for your Garage Door Repairs & Replacements

24 Hour Emergency Repair (at no additional cost)

We’re ready to help you at any time, on any day. That’s 24/7/365 (and 366 in leap year).

When it’s an emergency, Authentic can usually respond within an hour – that’s right just an hour. What a relief.

If you have to make an appointment for them to fix your problem, they give you a 1-hour window. No waiting from 8 to noon or 1 to 5. They know your life can’t stop while you wait for a repairman.

Authentic serves the entire area.

We Can Handle Any Problem

Broken Spring Replacement

Service and repair

Doors damaged by impact

We can even replace the door if needed!

Don’t Go It Alone – Get the Professional Help You Need.

Garage door repair is not something you want to tackle yourself. The springs are under very high pressure. Special tools may be required for many garage door repairs. You may not be able to find the root of a problem by yourself. If you guess wrong, you could have a bigger repair – or worse yet, an injury to deal with. Service by a garage door service professional is money well spent. Not only will that technician take care of your repair; they’ll make sure your garage door is safe. Call Authentic for an expert technician who can get the job done.
Check our credentials.
Authentic has an A+ BBB rating and an Angie’s List Super Service Award.

When You Call Authentic, You’ll Get All the Help You Need.

An expert technician

Authentic knows when you have an emergency you want to work with a professional — even if it’s on a Sunday or at a very late or very early hour. Every garage door service technician at Authentic is hired not only for their expertise, but also for a personality that will deliver our award-winning service. We make sure that every technician is fully trained to handle repairs for every type of garage door and garage door opener.

A fully-stocked truck

A fully-stocked truck is a necessity. You don’t want to have a service technician coming and going because he doesn’t have the right tool or the right part. Sometimes, of course, a return trip is a necessity, but at Authentic it’s also a rarity because our trucks are fully stocked to get the job done.

Upfront answers

Upfront answers to all your questions are the rule, not the exception. An Authentic technician isn’t going to beat around the bush. They will answer your questions, give you their best opinion and help you decide if repair or replacement is needed.

Unsurpassed customer service

Authentic has one goal – they want every one of their customers to get the help they need and be fully satisfied whether it’s an emergency garage door repair or a scheduled maintenance. That attitude has driven Authentic to the top of the list of garage door service companies. We’re proud of who we are, but we will always strive to do better and to make sure every customer becomes an Authentic regular customer.

When You Have a Garage Door Emergency, Authentic is Ready to Help!

It happens. That garage door breaks and it’s an emergency. We hope you’ll give us a call! We are fully prepared to solve your problem quickly and efficiently – at any hour of the day or night. Authentic is a family owned company with more than 15 years of serving the Southwest . We’ll be ready when you need our help.